Hong Kong: Holiday Mentor Programs


Watch this space for 2017 Holiday Mentor Programs!

This is the story of our most recent holiday mentor program:

We are hosting a four-day SisuGirls Group Mentor Program in Hong Kong during October from Tuesday 11 to Friday 14.  This will be a full day program starting with a 8:45am pick up and 3:00 drop off.  Morning activities will take place in various locations around Hong Kong with pick up and drop off taking place at the General Post Office (GPO) in Central. 

The program is designed for girls aged 5 to 12 years of age and provides the opportunity for them to try different adventure activities and challenge themselves mentally, physically and emotionally.  Over the four days we will try rock-climbing and yoga, skateboarding and outdoor Sisu adventure.  We will concentrate on the six key Sisu themes; courage, determination, positivity, balance, strength and individuality.  The mornings will have the girls test themselves physically whilst the afternoon sessions will see the girls explore their inner sisu through Yoga and other exercises. 

Day One:  Tuesday

Today we are working on our strength and individuality with games, activities and adventures up in the Braemar Hill Trail system. The natural environment is an amazing setting for confidence building and for girls to develop a love of movement and play.

Please make sure the girls have a hat, sunscreen, water, bug spray, snack and lunch!  

Day Two:  Wednesday

Today we are going to learn about courage and determination at the indoor climbing gym.  Girls will have a chance to climb as well as spend time refining their skills in the bouldering gym.  

The girls do not need any prior climbing experience.  This is about providing a safe and supportive environment for girls to try new things and overcome any fears or doubts.

Please make sure the girls have comfortable tight fitting shoes, leggings, water, snack and lunch!  

Day Three: Thursday

Today we are going to concentrate on positivity and balance as we give skateboarding a go at the skate park. Skateboarding is a fantastic activity to discuss themes such as positivity and balance, since it is a challenging sport, but once confident on the board can provide so much joy. 

Again, no prior skating experience is required and we will provide all the boards and protective equipment.  

If your daughter has her own skateboard, helmet, knee pads or any other protective equipment please bring them along.

Please make sure the girls have a hat, sunscreen, water, bug spray, snack and lunch!

Day Four: Friday

Today we will be heading to Discovery Bay to explore the themes of individuality and positivity with River Trekking, beach games and water play. This natural environment is a fantastic playground to explore with an abundance of opportunities to test ones sisu.

Please make sure the girls have swim wear, hat, sunscreen, a change of clothes, snack and lunch!  


Morning Drop off: The girls can be delivered to the General Post Office (GPO) from 8:45am at 2 Connaught Place, Central. We will leave via minibus at 9:00am for our day of Sisu adventure.

Pick up: The girls can be picked up from the General Post Office (GPO) at 3:00pm. 

Lunch, Snack and Water:

Please ensure that each day the girls have a wholesome morning snack along with a full water bottle and a packed lunch to get them through their active day.


The mentors for this program is our SisuGirls Hong Kong leader Melissa Shadforth, Tim King along with Christa Nash-Webber.  They will be working in partnership with professional coaches when required.


The fee per child is:
HK $4,300 Which is inclusive of transport, adventure equipment, SisuGirls t-shirt, a SisuGirls workbook and Sisu stories.

What to bring:

The girls are encouraged to wear comfortable adventure attire.  We recommend cotton leggings and a t-shirt along with enclosed well fitted shoes.  Socks will also be required for the climbing gym.  For the trip to Discovery Bay, girls will need to have swimwear (or clothes they are happy to get wet in) along with a change of clothes and a towel. The girls will need sunscreen a hat and a water bottle, snack and lunch each day.  Protection from mosquitos (long sleeves and legs, a patch, or repellent) is also recommended for all outdoor days. 

Chloe Chick