Hong Kong: Skateboarding Mentor Program

SisuGirls Hong Kong is dedicated to inspiring and mentoring girls aged 5 - 14 years to discover and retain their authentic selves and to develop the skills, knowledge, confidence and courage to move into adolescence with determination, bravery and resilience.  In short, we want to make girls aware of their sisu and the tools required to retain it.

SisuSkate Course Structure 

Over the course of six-weeks we dive into the six key themes of sisu in conjunction with skateboarding. Why? Because we believe by incorporating skating we are strengthening the importance of the Action Mindset and providing unique tools for girls to develop sisu skills. It is not necessarily the skateboarding that is the focus, it is the development of sisu.  

Week 1:   Courage
Week 2:  Determination
Week 3:  Positivity
Week 4:  Balance
Week 5:  Strength
Week 6:  Individuality

Group Size and Age

Our skateboarding program is designed for a maximum of 20 students for girls aged 5 to 14 years. 

SisuSkate Program Dates

We host SisuSkate once a week, on a Tuesday.  Each session is 75 mins duration. 

Program Dates:  Tuesday October 25 to Tuesday November 29

Program Time: 4:30 - 5:45.  Please aim to arrive at 4:15 to get padded up and ready to skate!


Morrison Hill Road Playground, Wan Chai

We will meet in the playground at 4:15 to register, pad up and meet our instructors.

What should I bring?

If you have your own skateboard, helmet, knee/elbow pads and or wrist guards please bring them along.  Don't worry if you don't have them we will be able to provide the for you.

Please bring a full bottle of water and an afternoon snack to remain hydrated and to keep the energy levels up.


SisuSkate is led by Tim King. 


A six-week program, including course materials and all skateboarding equipment: $2,800.

Book Cycle One:  Tuesday October 25 to Tuesday November 29

Any problems with your booking, or for more information, please email hongkong@sisugirls.org

Chloe Chick