Has anyone noticed the women out there?

"Life is too short to sit still in one place" we thought, so we packed up our stuff and left to walk the length of New Zealand on Te Araroa. It turned out life after would never quite be the same, as our itchy feet only became more itchy and wanted to roam across unknown lands ever more. 

The outdoor industry seems to have missed the Women. And that, to me, says a lot on how our society still believes that world of adventure, exploring and extreme sports is still mainly the domain of men.

So really, hasn’t anyone noticed the women out there?

Rugby isn’t for Girls?

Some people say “Rugby is not for girls”, but I say they’re wrong: Rugby has the power to transform and to teach you many powerful lessons. By Imogen Henderson, age 11

Chloe Chick
Breaking barriers

In this post Community Ambassador Youa Buchana shares her story about breaking through the barriers presented by her Hmong heritage to become their first female ultra runner.  "I’m proud to be part of the few who are breaking barriers for the younger generations and encouraging southeast Asian women to be curious of their full potential, rise above judgment in the community, and live courageously."

Rachel Jacqueline
The growth mindset for girls

Children with a growth mindset are not afraid to take a risk and fail because they know that it makes them stronger. In this post Community Ambassador Kassia Gardner explains the benefit of the growth mindset in children and how easily it can be achieved through the right words.

Rachel Jacqueline
On being courageous

Last year Community Ambassador Kate Gustafson left a role in corporate communications to train and run with the local Kenyans. She completed her trip with a climb of Mount Kilimanjaro. While she completed many brave feats on her journey, she believes it was her courage to take on the challenge in the first place which is the most important - for her, and for everybody. 

Raising Anxious Girls

We all get nervous and anxious sometimes, it’s a simple fact of life. As adults, we learn to cope with anxiety, but as a child, dealing with anxiety can be confusing and frustrating. In this post Community Ambassador Kassia Gardner shares her experiences of overcoming anxiety with her daughter. 

Rachel Jacqueline
Learning from Dad

Lloyd Belcher is a Hong Kong-based outdoor photographer with high-profile clients such as Lululemon, Salomon, The North Face - even SisuGirls! His 14-year-old daughter, Anya, has a keen interest in photography and regularly joins her Dad on photoshoots. In this post he shares a story about the time she outshone him. 

Rachel Jacqueline
The Secret to Taking a Leap out of Your Comfort Zone

When you're facing the unknown, do you get scared, anxious, and nervous? Do you suddenly lose the ability to breathe? Breathing should be the easiest thing in the world to do, but when you're feeling sick to your stomach with your heart smashing against your ribcage to the beat of the thundering in your head, breathing… well it’s probably the last thing you’re thinking about.

Rachel Jacqueline
Kids sport: now and then

In this opinion piece, sports counsellor and endurance athlete Laura Walsh reminisces about the way it used to be like to play sport as a kid and how that's changed - not entirely for the better. 

Chloe Chick
Finding Balance

Adventurous people cannot sit still. But they must to find balance in their their busy lives. Community Ambassador Kelsie Clausen explain her relationship with balance and four ways she tries to achieve it. 

Chloe Chick