Three SisuGirls face their fears

 Aada, katie and ciara finish team fear 2015 in 4 hours 20 minutes

Aada, katie and ciara finish team fear 2015 in 4 hours 20 minutes

We love supporting girls taking on new challenges and facing their fears. So when we were contacted last year by Mr Brendan Lee, a teacher at a local school in Hong Kong, asking if we'd support three budding SisuGirls take part in an adventure race for kids in Hong Kong known as TEAM FEAR, our answer was a resounding, "Hell yeah!"

"The girl's were nervous about taking part and had never participated in an adventure race before, but they trained incredibly hard for the event," explained Mr Lee. Their training included: navigating through huge obstacle courses at school ("pretty much the whole PE shed emptied on the field"), rock scrambling in Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve and cycling up Hong Kong's highest mountain, Tai Mo Shan.

“I was proud of the girls because I could see how nervous and worried they were before each training but they persevered. They demonstrated resilience, bravery and courage, to step out of their comfort zone - this always easier said than done. Often we forget how huge these tasks are from a child’s point of view," Mr Lee reported after the race. "I can’t wait to see what adventures they get up to when they are older!"

We are very proud to report that the girls finished as a team in 4 hours 20 minutes after rock scrambling, trail running, cycling, swimming and taking on an obstacle course. Below are their reports and what they learned. Good work Aada, Ciara & Katie!


"Team Fear was one of the best experiences in my life. We spent time together worked as a team and did not give up a single time.  

One of my favourite experiences was the rock scrambling.  This is because It was the first time I had done it. It was not as hard as I thought but mostly it was challenging. One time there was a really steep hill and we had to lean back as much as be could and hold on tight to the rope. 

What I found challenging was the hiking. This is because it took a very long time and it was very very tiring. We overtook a few people but had to stop a few times for a drink since we were exhausted. After the breaks we ran as fast as we could to the biking. We were already so excited about the achievement.  

After the biking we ran towards the finish line, It was a surprise because no one was behind or in front of us. When we crossed the finish line I was so, so proud of us.

We had finished Team Fear!"


"The race started with a loud countdown from 60 sec and we were off. The first thing we did was rock scrambling but we had to stop half way through because people got hurt. We went running with scratches on our legs and arms and our heart beating fast. We got to the point where we were shocked we saw a big mountain with many age groups climbing up with just a rope to use. We were scared but we managed to do it. 

This next part was the worst we were waiting one hour or more in a queue at the top of the hill it was horrible but the good thing was we got to eat our snack. 

The next thing was climbing over rocks and water it was fun but we had to wait in a long queue. We went running in bushes in the burning heat. We were tired we wanted to lie down but it was a race. 

We were on our bikes cycling up a hill when we had to stop we were so tired we were dripping with sweat. The final challenge was the finish, we sprinted and we were so amazed and a little excited when it said moonlight girls in the microphone. We heard a loud cheer from our Mums. We were so happy we completed it.

I enjoyed doing all the challenges.

It was a great experience and I will never forget it!!!!!"


"When I woke up I was really excited. We got ready and went down to school to catch the bus. 

Arriving at Discovery Bay at about 7:00am we found out that our age group’s race didn’t start until 10am. We had to wait 3 hours. I was crying because I was so nervous. Then I stopped. But before the race started and we were at the start line I got upset again. 

Anyway Aada and Ciara cheered me up and when they said go we started jogging. I was glad because sometimes when I couldn’t keep up with them Aada notice and she held her hand out for me to hold. Me and Aada held hands for most of the race with Ciara leading.

We were suddenly running on the beach into the sea. We ended up having to turn back because we were going to get trapped by the rocks. Our new destinations was a mountain where we went rock scrambling. We stayed on the rocks for about an hour and a half because there were a lot of children.

Crossing the finish line we all held hands and finished with the same foot too! We were all very proud of ourselves because we had finished Team Fear."

Aged 9 and 10, Aada, Ciara and Katie are proud SisuGirls living in Hong Kong.

Rachel Jacqueline