Following Your Dreams

Dreams...  A life filled with magical moments created by you. I’ve had dreams of centering my life around my passions, but I was lead to believe that dreams like that are only reserved for the 1% - rock stars, athletes, and millionaires. Little did I know, living my dream was simply doing what made me feel whole.  

Our dreams are ever changing and may not be the same dreams we had ten years ago (or even last year), but they are really important in helping discover an individual's passion and purpose. So, how can we support girls in their quest to find what moves them, so they can move forward confidently knowing their dreams are within reach?

Below are a few ways I believe we can motivate our girls to live their dreams and in turn live a life that makes them whole.

  • The world is rich with possibility - encourage them to try new things. Let’s face it: it’s not always easy to find what ignites our inner flame. It’s through exploration and opportunity that we find our purpose (or our purpose finds us). Encouraging girls to try new things can help them find what they enjoy doing. 
  • Fill their heads with hope, not doubt. How often do we hear the phrase “I can’t” or “I wish” or “I’ll never be"? Let’s turn the can’t into cans and instill hope; after all, positivity is contagious and could make the difference between chasing dreams or leaving them behind! 
  • Refrain from casting judgment. Now more than ever we see girls filling roles that were historically seen as unconventional. We know girls are capable of anything and everything. If she wants to do something that doesn’t fit the typical mold, encourage her regardless; support her, for both encouragement and positivity go a long way. Soon the doubts will turn to confidence, and she will do amazing things. She will realize she is much stronger and greater than she could ever imagine. She will fly. 
  • Listen to their dreams and aspirations and ask about their goals. Help them plan the steps they need to take to fulfill them. Don’t discourage them, no matter how ambitious or lofty their goals seem.
  • Be a role model. Live your OWN dreams. It’s never too late to fulfill your passion or find your purpose. Do one thing every day that will lead you closer to discovering or living your dreams. Live with intent and ignite your flame!

Tell us: What dreams do you have and what steps are you taking to make them a reality? 

Ashley Shamus is an explorer and endurance runner who feels most at home in the mountains.

She hopes every girl will unlock their true potential through sport and adventure.

Chloe Chick