Serious Sisu: Beatrix Chong

 SisuGirl: Beatrix Chong - Singapore national rock climbing champion, and coach for SisuGirlsClimb adventure & sport girls enrichment program

Beatrix Chong is the lead instructor on our SisuGirlsClimb program. She has sisu by the bucket load and we are so inspired by her, not only by her own ability and passion for rock-climbing, but also her ability and passion to motivate and inspire our girls.

As Singapore's leading rock climber she has faced her fair share of challenges, having been publicly criticised for her "non-feminine" physic and her "masculine" presentation, but she has shown real sisu, pushing the criticism aside. 

Beatrix started climbing after graduating from high school and actually didn't like the sport for the first 18 months, but since she had invested in the equipment she was determined to see it through. The determination paid off with Beatrix going on to represent Singapore, winning a silver medal only two weeks ago at the National Bouldering Championships!  She has scaled the Marina Bay Sands Hotel (all 55 floors) in under 2 mins, can do numerous chin-ups with her three year old son gripped to her legs and is proving to our girls that being fit, strong and active is a healthy life choice.  


"We have to give more of these types of opportunities to girls - it is important for them to see that being strong physically is not a negative, which it most often is in Asian culture. I have noticed a genuine transformation in the body strength and confidence of the girls on the current SisuGirlsClimb program and it is so rewarding for me.  I never thought of myself as a role model to girls, especially in Singapore, because I was the opposite of what "girls wanted" so it is amazing for me to be highlighted in this way and to know I am impacting the next generation".

Thanks for the sisu Beatrix. If you are interested in joining our climbing program, please register here.

Melissa Tai