Serious Sisu: Mireia Miró

Mireia Miró is a Spanish ski mountaineer, mountain runner and base jumper.  She has won numerous championships and trophies in skiing. Mireia did not like competing when she was younger but, when she discovered the world of mountain sports, her passion for competitions began and since then, she has forged a sporting career in ski mountaineering, trail running and base jumping.  Mira made a choice to end elite competition in 2013 and is focused on new outdoor challenges and pursuits.  

 Mireia Miro © Guillem Casanova 2014

Mireia Miro © Guillem Casanova 2014

 © Mirja Geh

© Mirja Geh

Please start by giving us an introduction of yourself. How did you get into ski mountaineering? 

My parents took me mountaineering when I was a little girl, so it became kind of natural for me to go mountaineering in winter. When I got older, I went out in the mountains with some friends and, at the beginning, I didn’t like it very much. My gear was really heavy and I didn’t enjoy it. But when I tried lighter gear my entire concept of ski mountaineering changed and I fell in love with this sport. 

And when did you start exploring the world of base-jumping?

I started base jumping in 2013; I had a knee injury for two years and even though I could train and compete, mentally I was suffering a lot. I had had some good results but I was feeling trapped in my life. It was time to do something new that could fill the emptiness of stopping competition and to find a new way of life. 

 Mireia Miro KL Tower Base Jump Malasia 2014

Mireia Miro KL Tower Base Jump Malasia 2014

Explain the thrill you get when taking part in your sports – what does it feel like and why do you keep coming back for more?

For me, my sports are part of me and my life. It’s the best way I’ve found to express the best of my feelings, to understand human beings and our presence in this life. 

There is obviously a lot of element of risk in your sports. How do you handle that?

You have to realise the risk and accept it as part of the whole. Once you are in the activity, you don’t think about the risk, but you always keep your eyes and mind open and aware. 

What is the scariest moment you’ve ever experienced in the mountains?

Our mind is the most powerful machine in the world; I’ve had bad experiences in the mountains, but I’d have to think a lot to remember them and I couldn’t choose one as the worst. After a bad experience, I try to gain a new learning from the experience instead, and forget about the negatives. 

 Mireia Miro WC Andorra © ISMF Press Office

Mireia Miro WC Andorra © ISMF Press Office

And what about the most rewarding?

Just spending a day out there is already rewarding! 

How do you deal with injuries which are part and parcel of your sport?

The hardest part of dealing with injuries is to relax your mind. Because once you are injured, even if you would like to be fine, you are still injured. 

What 'ingredients' have made up your success: How much do you contribute to natural talent and how much do you attribute to hard work?

Both are important, but hard work is very, very important. It is the only way to success: hard work and believing. You need to have self-belief. 

Talk me through a regular training week. 

I train 5-6 days a week, depending on the day morning session or morning and afternoon session. In winter I train always in ski mountaineering and in summer I don’t train, I base jump. 

 Mireia Miro Wingsuit la Cerdanya 2014

Mireia Miro Wingsuit la Cerdanya 2014

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

“Our attitude creates our reality, the first step towards achieving a larger-than-life dream is to believe it is possible” -  Cedar Wright

Finally, who do you think has serious "sisu"?

Emelie Forsberg.

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