Singapore: SisuGirls Skate

SisuGirls is dedicated to inspiring and mentoring girls aged 5 - 12 years to discover and retain their authentic selves and to develop the skills, knowledge, confidence and courage to move into adolescence with determination, bravery and resilience.  In short, we want to make girls aware of their inner sisu. 

SisuSkate Course Structure 

SisuSkate is a girls empowerment and mentor program. Over the course of six-weeks we dive into the key themes of sisu in conjunction with skateboarding. Why? Because we believe by incorporating skateboarding we are strengthening the importance of the Action Mindset and providing unique tools for girls to develop the sisu skills of determination, confidence and resilience. It is not necessarily the skateboarding that is the focus, it is the development of sisu and the freedom to explore our potential through risk. We talk about courage, determination, positivity, balance, strength and individuality.  

Group Size and Age

Our skateboarding program is designed for girls aged 5 to 12 years and a maximum of 6 girls per session. 

Location and Time

We start at 4:15pm and wrap up by 5:30pm.  The program is hosted at Somerset Skate Park - right next to the Somerset MRT station, opposite 313 Somerset. 

SisuSkate Course Dates for 2017

We host SisuSkate once a week, in six week cycles on a Tuesday afternoon at the Somerset Skate Park.  Each session is 75 mins duration. 

Next Course:  Tuesday January 17 to Tuesday February 28 (six sessions over seven weeks due to Chinese New Year)


SisuGirls skate is led by SisuGirls Founder Chloe Chick and our awesome skateboard instructor, Pham Tan. 


A six-week program, including skateboarding equipment:  $375


Chloe Chick