Our History

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In 2014 I noticed my then five-year-old daughter didn't feel comfortable trying new things and lacked the self-confidence to step outside her comfort zone.  I didn't really like the idea of my daughter, or any other girl, being afraid to live a full & rich life because of a lack of self confidence and fear. Therefore, I decided to launch SisuGirls in Singapore to inspire and encourage bravery, determination and resilience (sisu) in not only my daughter, but other girls, through adventure programming and by showcasing strong, positive and healthy female role models.  

Not long after we started activities in Singapore, Rachel Jacqueline and Mel Shadforth launched SisuGirls in Hong Kong and Lizi Hamer joined the team in Singapore.  Soon enough we were running skateboarding, rock climbing, running and holiday programs across Hong Kong and Singapore.

After three years of organic growth and trying many new ideas (books, podcasts, workshops) we have decided to focus the organisation on healthy, strong and positive role models.

The way in which we will deliver on our mission will vary - as a passion project the organisation will continue to ebb and flow but the vision will remain the same - for girls to live a full & rich live.


Three of the original SisuGirls in Singapore in October 2014

Three of the original SisuGirls in Singapore in October 2014