Chloe Chick SisuGirls

Chloe Chick

Chloe is a passionate social entrepreneur with in-depth experience in women and girls' empowerment and community development and design across Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Chloe has seen her passion for community development and social innovation take her to multiple continents, found a number of female empowerment focused non-profits and social enterprises, and work alongside some of the world's largest corporates, NGOs and multi-laterals in the innovation and development sector. 


Lizi Hamer

Lizi Hamer

Lizi is the Regional Creative Director, Octagon, and has been quoted to have the ‘creative enthusiasm of a school bus on the way to the zoo’.  As a Creative Director, Lizi solves business problems with a creative brain. She has paved the way for global product launches, disrupted the norm on a budget of pennies, changed laws & excited the social sphere. This year Lizi’s creative ability to tell authentic stories has landed her a heap of metal: Gold in Entertainment Spikes, best branded content in BEfest award and her most proud moment - scooping The Drum: Marketing can change the world, impact award.