To inspire and encourage a positive mindset in girls

Sisu (see soo) is a Finnish construct, which if it could be translated into the English language would translate as bravery, determination, resilience, grit.  We believe sisu is made up of three critical elements - mindset, connection and role models.  


Our vision is for women and girls to live a full and rich life.


Our Manifesto

Everyone is born with sisu and every day is an opportunity to put it to use.  We learn through trying, falling and failing.  Taking a risk is at our core. When we are brave our world expands. We are grounded in the mountains, the bush and the beach. Great things take a lot of time.  We love simplicity, traveling light and leaving no footprint.  We support each other to be the best version of themselves.  We are authentic. We value ourselves and those around us. 


Our Values

We are always willing to try with a positive attitude. We have fun and laugh often and loudly. We are friends and support each other. We listen and in turn we are heard. We learn from our mistakes and are prepared to fall. We share our fears and help each other overcome them.  We encourage, inspire and support others. We adapt and understand not everything goes to plan. We live courageously. We are authentic.