The SisuGirls Team

SisuGirls is a community organisation, which means although we have a core team, it is really only possible due to the support of many and there have been many people who have supported, inspired, encouraged and developed SisuGirls.

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Chloe Chick - Founder

I am a passionate social entrepreneur - I feel most alive when I am doing something with a positive social impact, but I have always had an interest in women and girls' empowerment and community development. I have lived and worked in six countries, founded a number of female empowerment focused non-profits and social enterprises, and worked alongside some of the world's largest corporates, NGOs and multi-laterals in the innovation, gender and development sector. I feel like I have experienced a lot in this world and I would love to share some of my experience and passion with the next generation.

I am now based in a small town in regional Australia where I enjoy living simply with my family - mountain biking, swimming in the river and sitting by the fire pit.

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Lizi Hamer - Creative Director

I am the Regional Creative Director, Octagon, and have the ‘creative enthusiasm of a school bus on the way to the zoo’. I solve business problems with a creative brain, and have paved the way for global product launches, disrupted the norm on a budget of pennies, changed laws & excited the social sphere.