The SisuGirls Story

Five years ago (2014) I launched a social enterprise in Singapore called SisuGirls - my aim was to inspire and encourage sisu in girls through sport and adventure and by showcasing strong, healthy and positive role models.  Sisu (see soo) is a Finnish construct for bravery, determination and resilience.

The vision was to create safe and supportive environments for girls to step out of their comfort zone and develop bravery, determination and resilience. We wanted to do our small part in addressing some of the self-confidence decline we see in girls as they mature. 

Between 2014 and 2017 we dabbled in many different things - trail running, skateboarding and rock climbing programs, children’s books, podcasts, workshops and events. We tested the water on different operating models, always searching for a way to generate revenue and create a sustainable business model, but SisuGirls was founded from a personal need and a personal passion and personal projects, are just that - personal.

In late 2017 I relocated from Singapore, home to Australia after 15 years living abroad and I decided to step back from SisuGirls - a few social media posts here and there, but effectively it was sidelined. I didn’t have the energy or the interest, and I had my own sh*t to deal with. I tried to re-ignite things with the re-launch of We Are Sisu, but I couldn’t quite find the groove - my interest had always been working with women & girls, and I just didn’t have the motivation.

Well, the great thing about personal passion projects are you can bring them back, in new and different ways, which is now my aim here. No pressure on the revenue model, no business modelling stress, no hustling for sponsors - just doing it because it makes me feel alive, and as Howard Thurman says - “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

I will make more mistakes (I am really good at making mistakes), I will go offline at times, I will have an opinion you might not agree with but at the end of the day I believe I have something to offer that might inspire, encourage or motivate one girl to get out into the world and live with positivity, bravery and resilience and that will make it all worth it.

So, thank you for being a part of the SisuGirls community and for also taking on the important task of positive, brave and resilient role-modelling to our girls (and boys).

Here goes version 3.0.